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My robot Charlie with a Wii Nunchuck R/C system


I sound weird on a mic.

EDIT: I posted code and such a few posts after this one

Other videos on my Youtube account

More better neater photos on my flickr

Very cool!
Where can I find more info on Charlie?


post some code!


The Nunchuck reading code is an improvement upon the code from

This is all done with the Arduino environment

You need one of my custom library (some weird functions i find handy), and you need to modify the existing Wire library with the steps in

my library file is named basic.h, place it in /arduino-0010/hardware/libraries/basic/
i've attached this file to this post

the controller side uses the file inside my "" attached to this post
I found that instructions here for the connection is not so reliable, I really think you should use a 3.3V regulator, PLUS 10K pull up resistors
Read this

The radio transmitter is one of those cheap RF modules Spark Fun sells, except mine only costs $5 each, not $15,
it is connected to the TX pin on the MCU
Don't bother with 4800 baud even though it's the speed the modules are advertised at, use 2400

the robot has pins defined to the various servos, the pin definitions can be changed in the code (file is servo.pde), the radio receiver is connected to the RX pin, the file is ""
(I got lazy and used a bunch of switch cases instead of simply calculating out the servo pulse widths, floating point wasn't working right)

OH, and I made a connector to avoid cutting the nunchuck's cables, it's a stick of double sided copper clad board etched with 3 lines to match the inside of the connector, and i made a plastic housing so everything stays nicely together, it's great! The screws I used even lets the connector to "click in"

The pinouts of the connector is here:


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