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Wii Nunchuck Controlled Robot

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Very cool    ;D
i gotta build me one of those...

Very nice indeed!
If I spotted it correctly, your Charlie bot uses the AVRcam?
Do you have some more info on how you use the cam and how you connected it to the Arduino?

It wasn't hard, but it's a pain in the ass to use.

I'll try and fish up some code, maybe even a library someday. But it's basically send your track command, then wait for a few packets, then end the tracking, and process the packets.

I'm also hoping to make my own image processor, but with a atmega128 instead of the atmega8
But the camera's datasheet is very very difficult to understand.

that is genius dude. Good freaking job! Seriously, that is cool as hell lol. That little bot has some serious application potential! :D

This is weird, you guys see the wire antenna i used on the breadboarded transmitter? removing the antenna gives me a huge boost in signal quality... I need to make a project boxed version of the transmitter, and now i'm wondering about an antenna, what should I do? use an antenna or stick with what works?


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