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Heathkit and other robots for sale


I have a number of robots for sale from an estate sale.

6 x HealthKit ET-18 Hero -1 (apparently belonged to NASA at some time)
2 x Maxx Steele By Ideal
2 x HeathKit Hero Jr
1 x Omnibot 2000
1 x Androbot Inc Topo

Contact me for pictures.

 :o WOW!  :o
I would LOVE to buy one of your Heros, assuming they are the original with the arm, that could
be programmed and all. Do you have the books with them, also? Thanks. ;)

Each robot has panels, arm, charger and "gun" controller. I also have two wireless remotes.

I do have some manuals and schematics but I don't thinks there's one for every robot.

 ;) Wow!
Sounds awesome! What would $ would be negotiated? Everybody loves the Hero! Please message
me for your price. I appreciate your time and attention.  ;D


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