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RoboReporter - Robot News Site Is Having A Roboreptile contest
« on: November 08, 2006, 10:09:40 AM »
PREFACE: I'd like to thank the forum administrator for giving me permission to post this.

I've recently launched Roboreporter.  Roboreporter is a web service where you can submit, vote, and comment on robotics related stories.  It is similar to the popular technology news site Digg, but it's only for robotics related stories and news.  I got tired of wading through a ton of silly videos and stories about iPods and MPAA law suits, just to find some good robot related stories.

To promote the site I'm holding monthly contests which are being sponsored by The Discovery Channel.  The top story submitter for the month wins a new Chromashift Roboreptile.  Now I know most of the people on this site would much rather build their own robot then win one.  But think of it as a great gift, or better yet, something you hack into a Frankenstein monster that rules the world (or at least your living room).

Please stop by.  If you like, post story links to the excellent tutorials on Society Of Robots or any great forum posts you have made or found.  Here's a link to Roboreporter: