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The link above is now broken, here is a new link:

Thank you! I have a short video clip of it running here (at the end of the article):

I also have a new version here, called Pet on a Chip, where I condense all of the control logic and a custom CPU onto an FPGA:

 8) Totally Awesome!!   8)

     I love the "pet on the chip" vernacular!!! how about chippett? or petrick?
Just some work play on your project statement.

    your documentation is awesome, and very precise. I love reading the manuals,
and seeing where it all fits in.

    Awesome job!!!   ;D

Thank you! I took a lot of time to make things really clear. Now I'm trying to figure out what to make next. I was considering trying to develop a high level language and compiler so that it would be easier to program the robot. I don't know very much about that, but it seems like it would be fun.

 8)  Excelsior!!   8)

     Hello again!

     In reference to your high level language, may I humbly suggest Python?
Reason being, Python is "bound" to about every language there is, and
a language that you use on you robot would set the stage for other
people to access and build a robot like yours in a friendly, familiar
    This would allow you to access other resources as your robot project grows!   ;)

 :)  Good luck!    :)


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