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Desperately need HELP on gearing !


This is my first attempt do  anything like this.
Looking for help without re-inventing the wheel.
My problem is that I need some sort of way to reduce the output RPM out to a devise.
I believe I will need some sort of adjustable frame to hold the gearing of different and multiple diameters.
I think I need the final output to be as low as 1/4 to 1 RPM (extremely slow)
It must have an easy way to add and subtract gears, move axels and gears to achieve my RPM goal.
It needs an input shaft for the motor and a output shaft to rotate (slowly) my device.
If someone could PLEASE send me a link to what I'm trying to achieve.
Any and all suggestions wild be very appreciated.
Thank You in advance.

 :) hello!  :)

  In your gear dilemma, you will need to consider TORQUE, a measure of strength of pull. If you
"gear down" a motor, the torque will increase, but the speed decreases. If you "gear up"
a motor, the torque will decrease, and the speed will increase; assuming the motor parameters
stay constant. This is not rocket science, but attention to detail is required.
There may be MANY gear calculators online, for sure. The trick, again, is to recognize
the power/speed that you want to work with.
    I would recommend getting your speeds and torques done with a online calculator, then
you can see what is available from stores.

 ;D  Good Luck!   ;D

I would use a pulley system which is easy to diy following this model:

the pulleys can just be fishing string passing through loops - doesn't have to be pulleys with bearings can just be plastic loops shaped like cherios.  Specifically, can put some thread through a piece of wire insulation and use the wire insulation as the pulley.


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