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Soldering a lead to a motor that connects to a receiver.


I have a motor, I have lead wires and I have a receiver. 
I can solder the lead wires to the motor and plug the other end into the receiver.  The problem is that I can't figure out what combination of wires (Black, Red, Yellow) to solder onto the motor.  I currently have the Red on the positive and black on the other However that results in the motor running nonstop (even when the controller to the receiver is turned off).  All other combinations result in no movement. 
Picture attached.  I probably need to solder the yellow wire to the motor some place...
Any advice?

The picture you uploaded appears to be corrupt and I can't open it, but I'll attempt to do some guesswork without it.

From what I am guessing, is that your receiver is outputting signals for a servo, but you are trying to hook up a dc motor to it instead.  This isn't going to work for what you are trying.  To make it work, you need something to convert your servo signal into something appropriate for a DC motor.  Example Here (there are several things you can do to accomplish this.)

If I'm wrong in my guess, let us know: 

* What kind of motor are you trying to hook up?
* What (if any) circuitry you are using between the receiver and the motor.
* What you want the motor to do (Stop/Start?  Start and move proportionally up to full speed?  Reverse to Forward and all speed in between?  Act like a servo?

You are 100% correct and I love the RD->DC tutorial in the link you posted.  Well done! 
In my many hours of research I found a prefab TReX Jr which seems to do the same thing. 
Thank you again.


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