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One of my proud creations. The super cheap humanoid


So I wrote a little intro in the misc section. I'm a maker of robots and I'm trying to make a full size humanoid robot that will be cheaper than any before. I think I can make one for under ?1000 ( $2000).

   Here are some vid of my work :


In case you are interested I've done a couple of write ups for this project on the following sites:

letsmakerobots   ( now accessed from robotshop)

Let me know what you think.

Looks very interesting, I am interested in applying my approach to a humanoid robot. Where do I find the write-ups?

My area is control systems which may be of interest. See my initial post.

Where are you based?


Electrical robots are so bloody noisy!  but I like it, except its not practical in the end, having this noisy thing always there.  but its good cause its like a sci fi.


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