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My robot taking its first (and wobbly) steps

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Just showing off my robot Dorian who recently learned how to walk for the first time!
Lots of room for improvement but I'm quite happy with it for now. I've been designing new joints for him and also just received new servo motors that are better than his current ones, so once all of this is assembled I'll try to improve his walk a bit.

Hope you enjoy!

he's very cute!! ;D

Haha thank you Avadon! Cute is what I was going for ;)

Any future plans for him?  Its good how you made him from scratch.

Hey there! Sorry for such a late response, I've been in the middle of a move so haven't had time to keep up with all the forums. To answer your question: Yes I certainly do! Lately I've been upgrading Dorian's hardware to make him more stable and capable of proper interaction with people. I'm planning on actively developing Dorian for at least another two years, even though I will begin prototyping a new robot later this year.

My main plans for Dorian is to bring him outside to events and also just generally expose him to people in various places. Hoping I can develop him in a way that will make people engaged and curious about social robots in general  :)

If you're interested in the upgrades and the stuff coming up this summer, keep an eye on my youtube channel!


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