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Raspberry Pi based Autonomous robot doing SLAM


I'm proud to present you Raspberry Pi based autonomous robot doing Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM)
Technically it is Raspberry Pi hat, but all specs are such you can use it at home, office, industry, workshop, education etc.

Project homepage is:

The project is Open Source, compatible with ROS but not using ROS, thus all new. The project will be published in 4th February 2018.

The most significant thing is properties not seen in this price range EVER before.

The robot has 360 degrees 3D vision around it that works in direct sunlight; it can carry at least 90Kg, it learns changes in its environment, it maps automatically - no need to teach, it learns the environment!

See it yourself:

More about the venue in Brussels can be found here:

Its cool how your machine can see,   you can do heaps with this thing.

Need some kind of identification system then it would be even better.    then u could make a security bot out of it - something nasty like that id prefer.   


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