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Title: 3D Hydrodynamic Simulator
Post by: jim150454 on October 02, 2016, 12:54:06 PM

I am working on an autonomous underwater robot. The robot's method of propulsion is designed to be inspired by biological forms such as fish and eels. I have been looking into software that would allow me to create an animated 3D model of my design and place it into a water tunnel to determine how efficient it would be in the water.

My question is: does anybody know of any good software that would facilitate this? I have looked at Maya as it has wind tunnels as examples but it is very confusing for a first-time user. I have also looked at fluid simulations on MATLAB but they don't seem to do what I want.

Also, if anybody has any information on a better way to determine the efficiency of the design, I would be happy to listen.

Thank you,

Mark A