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tiny robot hardware?

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I need some little robot hardware.. like the size of eyeglass screws. Do they sell this stuff at radio shack? Or Home Depot? I just saw a link to an online seller of this kind of thing but I'd rather just go pick something up rtaher than mail-order, if possible.

polar bear6:
i dont know if you can get microcontrollers at that size, but i ordered some PIC16F877A's in some wierd packaging, they were pretty damn small compared to the ordinary DIP size...
i saw a BEAM walker made entierly out of SMD parts, it was pretty small too.

I'm sorry, I don't think I was clear. I am just looking for little tiny screws and nuts.. like the size of 35mm camera screws. i don't know what size those are. They use a #000 screwdriver -- whatever that means. :D

I didn't see any at my local radio shack; I was able to get some at HobbyTown USA, though. Not sure if they'll have those in your area. Failing that, you could always try a store that makes eyeglasses, logically they have to have some.

I am thinking that the eyeglass place won't have them long enough (I need them proably a little longer than eyeglass screws) and will they have nuts?

I think a hobby shop will probably be my best bet.. or I will have to order them online. Man, I'm sick of waiting for UPS. haha


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