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Mini sumo bot.


polar bear6:
first of all, i have never built a mini sumo bot, i don't know the all the rules, and this is just an idea i got from watching mini sumo robot films (yes i have very little to do).
after watching many sumo films i think i found out what makes most people loose (if they don't screw something up and just go over the edge themselves), they cant get away when the opponent pushes them.
so i found two ways of getting away from an opponent thats pushing you:
A) a teleporter that teleports you away from the opponent.
B) you make your robot round and mount tank threads around so when an opponent pushes you, the treads start to move, and either you or your opponent moves.

since the only person i know of that has a teleporter is Willy wonka from charlie and the chocolate factory, so i think the best way to go is with the treads.
i made a drawing with a highly advanced program.

and then, you would mount the all seeing eye ( ) so when the eye see that your not going the way you want, the threads start to move and zapp your out of trouble, for now.
you would have to make some sort of cleaver mechanism for the threads, but it should work.

and check out , its lots of cool stuff there.

if this was a stupid idea or if its against the rules, please tell me so i can delete the post and spare myself from humiliation.

I did a remote controlled sumo contest like 3 years ago . . . I had this neat idea that my robot would literally pick up my opponent and turn him over. It was a unique idea, but the control was over complicated and mechanically it had serious issues . . . Obviously I lost . . .

Anyway, I think the seeing mouse idea is a failure from the beginning. I had some friends try this idea like 5 years ago as an encoder for a robot hovercraft. The reason why it failed is because the mouse only works if it is flat on the surface. Tilt the mouse more than like 3 degrees (or lift it up by 2mm) and it will stop working.

In sumo, its all about lifting your opponent off the ground. Not by much, but just enough for their wheels to lose friction on the surface so they can be pushed. If your robot is tilted or lifted just slightly, the mouse idea will fail. And if you can design so the tilting and lifting will never happen to your bot, then you probably dun need the mouse idea  :P

Perhaps you can use an accelerometer to determine if you get pushed back? I dunno . . . If I were to do it I would use scanning IR and track the opponent robot - ram em from behind.  ;)
I hear that most robots just drive straight and dont stop when they reach the edge . . .

If anyone knows of a sumo robot competition in DC, let me know! I want to kick your butt  ;)

If you want to see a half-decent mini-sumo, check out mine:

Its pretty well documented on that page, including full source code and lots of pictures and videos.

- Jon

Hey john....would your brother happen to be dave?
I know him from the gumstix mailing list.

Yep, that's him...

- Jon


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