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project to share IR remote codes...
« on: May 09, 2008, 11:37:16 PM »
 I have developed, with the help of a shareware program, a set of infrared codebases that can be used to turn your Pocket PC or Palm PC into a fully-functional remote control for your IR-based robots. Not only will this help benefit those, like me, who are missing the original remote, but you'll no longer have to keep up with ten different remotes. Simply select the robot you want to control in the software's menu and have fun.

Currently, I only have these codebases available:
Cyber-Spider (WowWee)
i-Cybie (Tiger/Silverlit/Hsbro)
Robopet (WowWee)
Roboquad (WowWee)
Robosapien (WowWee)
Roomba Discovery SE (iRobot)
Rumble Robots - Bitor (Trendmasters)
Rumble Robots - Me-Fisto (Trendmasters)

Hopefully, this will encourage you to donte your own IR codes to this project!

Visit for more information...


Derek Tombrello

and because I have to make a living:


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