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Robotics application: foundation to Robotics article
« on: June 08, 2009, 05:15:24 AM »
According to my researches robotics is the augmentation of electromechanical systems to construct human skills performing machines.These machines are scientifically called Automatons and in accordance with the founders Dr Franklin Engelberger and George Devol these are called Robots.Robotics application in human dexterities is now broad since from its patent discovery in 1945,from Aerospace,marine archeology,car assembly,surgeon,de-mining and even in our social life.

Aerospace application of robotics concern space probes like the geosynchronous space orbiters like  the hubble telescope courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA).Marine archeology robotics focuses on research on marine animals and life,lost ancient valuables and to some extent spying and surviellance on marine porchers.With car assembling issues of flexibility,mobility,dexterity,accuracy and manifested when a portable industrial locomotion robot arm is employed to do the task than a skilled human being.The SCARAs(Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) are predominantly used by major industries like Toyota and Honda Automobile Companies.In Surgeons robots can now offer doctors with edible assistant in diagonising operations with same skills of those of nurses.Some doctors can now perform surgeon therapy from a distance using manipulation modes and telemedicine transducers.After and during warfare land mines has ransacked most civilians life and body anatomically but the employment of human is too risk for such tasks so de-mining robots with highly developed proximity(nearness)sensors can be employed to search and dismantle land mines and bombs.

The author's area of concern is Robotics in human social life thus the development of robots that perform social tasks like sweeping,mopping,playing music instruments,dancing and sex performing these are known as Anthropomorphic robotics.With anthropomorphic robotic systems we  are concerned with robots that do not have our socio-dexterities only but that appeares like us anatomically.Such specific type robots are called Humanoid and that exactly possess artificial skin mostly like of human beings are called Androids.Honda's Asimo is a good example of a humanoid and Osaka University's Ever1 is an android.

According to the Author Phil.S.k.Chamwapiwa,jr for a detailed and advanced studies look for his text titled Advanced Robotics Tutorials.

Robotics and Cybertronics researcher phil.Sailos k Chamwapiwa,jr


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