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PCB assembly company recommendation?

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For a shop in the USA that will do prototyping, small batches and low volume runs (all machine placement) try www.TinkerBEE.com.  We have a MannCorp MC385-1V1 collecting dust that needs to get used.

If you want to go to China, seeedstudio has a small-run (100 - 1000) program. I think the USB2AX Dynamixel adapter uses it, for example.

Not sure if you are considering a Chinese PCB manufacturer if you are considering. May wish to know about WellPCB; a promotional event is being held, 5pcs, 1-2 layers, 100 * 100, only $ 5,
I think the USB2AX Dynamixel adapter uses it.

I havent tried this one yet.https://www.pcbway.com but it seems good.

At work we have started using https://www.nexlogic.com/
I have been very happy with the quality and service.


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