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Title: New product from a young robot team
Post by: HITBOT on February 16, 2018, 09:19:19 AM
Hello makers,

My name is HITBOT, I am focus on innovation, provide high-performance robotic arm, our new 4-axis robot arm called Z-Arm, Z-Arm is a multi-purposes desktop device, can do laser cutting, 3D printing, pick and place and a lot of things, unique appearance ensures Z-Arm can work in a extremely small cell, safety stop function enables Z-Arm can safely work side-by-side with people, hand-teaching function makes Z-Arm easier to operate. Z-Arm is not only a tool but also good-looking parnter.

Available Tool Heads:
3D Printing kit
Electric Drilling Head
Vacuum Suction Cup
Electric Screwdriver(include power supply)
Electro-magnetic Chuck
Laser Cutter
Soldering with Solder Dispenser
The 4th AXIS
Electric Gripper
Screw Dispenser
Visual Kit

For more info please go to our Kickstarter campaign:

or any questions you can send an email to [email protected]