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Robot toy plans for sale, coming out!


Hello everybody!

     I have invented a new robotic toy, that everyone will enjoy, I hope!
It is a Raspberry pi 3 project. I will sell the plans for it, which includes instructional video, schematics, links to free software sites, how to install the freeware, and instrumentation of the robot.

The cost of the plans will be $20; about the same of a good python book you would buy, or the
cost of 2 favorite DVD movies. Once you have the plans, you can make as many as you want!
The estimated cost of the materials to build the robot is approx. $260. That included the cost of the raspberry pi 3, sensors, and mechanical components. To compare, some broken, not working parts for the HERO robot sell at $250 to $600 dollars, and you only get a broken robot. SAD!

I GURANTEE YOU that is nothing in the world on the market today, like the robot I am going to build!! I will release the web site link to download the plans, exclusively, here on Society of Robots!!!!!!

So, stay tuned, TRUE BELIEVERS! EXCELSIOR!!!!!

what is the main purpose of doing this i have already done this for

 ;D Hello!   ;D

Could not pull up your video of your toy. If you have another address, that would be great.

     In your statement;
  i have already done this for

     You have already built the toy........but wait...........I never stated what my toy
was.  ;)

    I appreciate you bringing up my post. I was using OpenCV for the robot, and found out it is extremely
hard to put together a package that works %100 with instructional plans. Maybe that is
too much to expect, but I want to release the toy in a way that can be appreciated, not
making people angry over things that could have been prevented. I pray that the robotic
audience superheros can give me time to work it all out.

    If you have guessed what I am doing, surely you are a superhero for sure!!   ;D

   See you next blog,   8) same robot time, same robot channel!!   8)



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