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PCB assembly company recommendation?

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I am designing a small PCB board with various SMD's on it:
a 100 pin AVR, a bunch of resistors, capacitors, and LED's - all SMD

If I wanted to manufacture this board (probably 100 or 200 units), would anyone know of a company capable of doing it?

The company that does our pcb fab also does assembly - www.pcbonline.com

We only used them once for a fine pitch smd part, and they did a good job, though turnaround wan't particularly fast. 

I have worked with PCB Fab Express with verry good quality and fast turnaround.

But there is a company in Chicago that makes all kinds of wired looking boards, I mean round, or leaf like, whatever you need it to be and with different colors solder mask and asorted silk screen. Take a look at Pulsar Inc.

hgordon, I think you made a mistake in that link?

sorry - www.pcborder.com


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