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Orangutan microcontroller by Pololu

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ok now that im using it, i have a few comments about it. i havnt used it much yet so these for now are more of surface observations

both external interrupt pins are occupied by the LCD. you would think 'o ill just swap out the LCD when I need to.' the LCD is permanently soldered onto the board tho!!! >:(

there is no external timer! you are forced to use the much slower internal timer unless you go out and buy an oscillator/resonator/crystal thing with capacitors to make your own external timer. basically another $10 plus shipping. they really should invest in the external timer instead of leaving it off and decieving people with the 'not propagated' remark in the schematic. blah.

lack of sample code. AVR has a bunch, but unless you are advanced you are not going to understand all those pinouts. Pololu should include sample code.

good stuff: the board is really tiny tho. a 4th the size of the cerebellum controller, which is great for tiny robots. it also drains about 30mA when on with nothing running. everything on the board is surface mount.


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