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i need adivces bad


Mad sciencetist:
 ??? im making a robot this is my frist and im in 7th grade is that good beacuse i need help to do it its for a scince project

What kind of robot would you like to make?

I suggest the most simple, its called a 'Photovore.' All beginners start with this robot. If you dont know the basics, its a good robot to start with.

All you need is 2 wheels, 2 motors, a battery and a few wires, and a supercheap sensor called a 'photoresistor' which you can probably get from radioshack.

Browse the web for 'how to make a photovore robot.'
This should help too:

Also note, you do not need a microcontroller or any complicated circuit or electronics to build this robot.

If this does not help or you have more questions feel free to post em.


Mad sciencetist:
thank you very very much

Mad sciencetist:
is there a simpler way to understand how to make this robot?

go here:


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