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the thread regarding projects requiring time and money you do not have

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I can't be the only one with ideas too big for my wallet here.
Being the thread startin' guy, I think its only fair I start this shit off.
For a while now, I've wanted to build a robot to play a bass and/or guitar, with the ability to upload tablature so I could rock out with a robot.
What I have in my head is a hand that moves on a track alongside the fretboard, that checques its position through, say, an old ball-mouse LED-wheel full of holes-phototransistor ensemble.  The fingers would individually move, everything being controlled by microcontrollers, and there'd be some sweet picking system that i havnt thought out yet.  Possibilities of sly phrases while playing bass
"Daaayumn thats funky", etc
Also, possibly motors affixed to the tuning pegs with a feedback system going on with a hacked digital tuner for ultimate permanent tuning.
Wouldn't that be freakin sweet?  Yeah, thats what I thought.
I think I've seen it done before on the New Music or some junk.
Hell yeah.

I have a friend who did that with a piano thingy, using a solenoid for each key.
I have also seen the guitar playing robots, pretty sweet too . . . so good luck.
I still think it will cost u lotsa $ tho =P

Oh hell yeah, considering I'd have to shell out for a new guitar and all.

And no robot of mine'll play a cheap guitar.  Never.

So, Mr. Admin, do you have any projects that would drive your wallet into the depths of hell?

Unrelated:  new fluke 110 true rms multimeter, won it at the skills manitoba competition, electronics category.  Third place mothafuckas ;D

ive actually never spent my own money on a robot before . . .

ive always applied for grants or had the lab i was with pay for it all. or id just scrap old stuff laying around. but hey ive collected $4k to pay for everything over the 3 years, so yea i guess my wallet would scream.

also unrelated:
i bought my Fuke (no, not a typo) multimeter for $8 in Burma.

What kind of robots did you get grants for?  You should add a tutorial on how to go about getting a grant :)


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