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Linking up a camera

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i think that's sound advice. it is possible to get a microcontroller processing video but it's a *huge* task and only suitable for some one with a lot of microcontroller, electronics and programming experience.

here is how i see your simplest video solution:
so if you are going to use a remote PC to process the video you want to use a wireless CCTV camera and connect the receiver output to a TV card on your PC.
here's an example of a unit that transmitts the output from any CCTV camera. there are quite a few on the market:
and the receiver:

when you feed the output from the receiver into the PCs TV card you will then be able to see what ever your bot sees on your computer's TV software.
the next step is to fins a piece of software that can capture single images from a PC TV card.
i used camE for Linux but there's probably a windows equivalent out there.

most modern programming languages have tools to decode jpeg images.
obviously with a wireless camera there will be some interference so you are going to have to apply some sort of software filter.

so using this method you don't need any sort of microcontroller involved in getting the video signal to the PC.
i'd still imagine a microcontroller will be the easiest method of controlling your robot's movments though.



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