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does anyone know of a good thermal sensor for detecting an object that is warmer than any of the objects around it by about 15o C from about 5 ft away?

What about these?

Thermal Imaging (Infrared Spectrum Only) Camera

There are also these no contact thermometers . . .

I was looking for something that could be atached to the Atom Bot board without to much modification. curently the only robot club in my area is the one that I am a part of and we just started last year. So we don't have that much experiance with robots.

You can hack into to no contact thermometer, and hook up the output to your atom board.

Just open it up, and use a multimeter to find useable signal that represents the temperature.

What you are asking for isnt easy.

You can probably use a flame detector such as that used in the firebot competitions . . . but I dont think the accuracy is very good.

Why do you need this? You doing USAR perhaps and looking for bodies?

competition hosted by our section of IEEE.


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