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Hi friends,

I am selling my AI Talking Robot/Automated Virtual Assistant/Live Chat System with Mobile App and complete ownership transfer with non compete agreement on Flippa.com. My auction link is here https://flippa.com/2922499-ai-talking-robot-automated-virtual-assistant-live-chat-system-with-mobile-app.

This is not just a website but this is a technology/software. Now imagine a word in which people talk to machines. Ayesha have Artificial Intelligence Brain, she is able to learn by itself and be customized by admin.

Ayesha is a Virtual Assistant software which you can use for your business as a sales assistant, virtual customer service or technical support executive. Ayesha is an advanced technology based on Artificial Intelligence which will replace real human support personnel. Ayesha will replace live customer service representatives. Ayesha will available 24/7 to help your customer without getting tired with cent percent accuracy once she is trained.

Ayesha can not just do text chatting but she is able to do voice conversation as well. Your customers can talk to these virtual agents just like a real human. In near future we will work to enhance it's power usability and then she will be able to receive or make phone calls round the clock. Companies can use these virtual people for their customer support services. This will obviously reduce cost to company and save huge money for business owners.

Main Features of Ayesha Bot

  • She has artificial brain
  • She is able to learn any languages]
  • She is able to learn by itself druing conversasion and/or be customized by admin
  • She can do live chatting with your online clients like a real person
  • She is able to do live chat via Gtalk/Gmail
  • The more you talk with her the more she learns

What will you get if you win this auction?

  • Domain Name
  • Complete website with software source code
  • Android Application with source code
  • Existing VPS server paid for 3 years
  • Complete ownership of this software
  • Non Compete Agreement with auction winner.


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