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Do you think this robot movement is useful?


I am a self taught robotics enthusiast I have been building an all wheel drive robot using torque vectoring. It steers like a swerve drive but without the complicated drive-train. I am wondering if you know situations where the robot movement is useful?
Looking forward to all your replies!

 8)  excelsior!   8)

  I love this robot!!!!   ;D

   It looks like all the drive wheels can be moved independently, thus, making
turns on corners in cramped spaces a breeze.

   It first glance, I would think that a type of movement model could be articulated
to give a prediction of how effective this would be in a cramped environment.(like someone's house)

     I am wonder is 2 chassis could be used; one for traveling, and one for close quarters turning, a
chassis within a chassis?


I am so sorry for not replying sooner!

Yes it can move in quite flexible way,  what I am experimenting with that I have not seem tried before, is using casters but without powering the pivot point, so you have to use the speed of each wheel to move the car to change direction of the wheels.


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