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Robot Skeleton
« on: September 06, 2011, 06:45:30 PM »
This is my robot skeleton that I spent weekends for about five months building back in 2010. While has has many other features and functions, I am preparing him specifically for use on Halloween.

He is equipped with an Axon II which is wired up to three servos, a bluetooth antenna, an MP3Trigger (which itself outputs to a Scary Terry audio driver which moves the jaw), a 20-button keypad remote control (which I am operating off camera), and the LED eyes...which now has seven color options (a feature that was not available at the time the video was shot).

Please let me know what you think! Enjoy!


From my YouTube description:
For project updates, please visit:

This is the Fergybot4000. He is my version of Geoff Peterson, the robot skeleton sidekick from "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson".

In this video, I have programmed my robot for employment during the upcoming Halloween season. I plan to have him in a Grim Reaper costume which he is not wearing now while I fiddle some more with the mechanics. He will be standing on my front porch waiting for trick-or-treaters to arrive...and when they do, the fun begins!


All I have to do is push a button on his remote control and one of his twenty-five phrases will be spoken along with random arm and head movements. Each phrase gets a turn being spoken before cycling. I can also independently control body movements as well as the random ones generated in this video.

Have a look and tell me what you think in the comments. Enjoy!

List of phrases:
1. Please watch your step as you leave. I left a few dead bodies lying around out there.
2. I hope that jack-o-lantern you smashed wasn't anybody I knew.
3. Did you hear that noise? It came from over there.
4. I am dead. What are you supposed to be?
5. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but that's not going to stop me.
6. Are you not the same children that I ate last year?
7. You will see me again...in your dreams.
8. Candy is dandy, but lightning id frightening.
9. Dracula and Frankenstein are my neighbors. Who lives around here?
10. I am hungry. Will somebody get me some witch's brew?
11. Can I have some of your candy?
12. If I really scare you tonight, just wait until school tomorrow.
13. Yay! More victims...I mean, visitors.
14. Ancient spirits of evil are no match for your parents.
15. Do not be afraid. I only get mad when people ask me for candy.
16. I ate zombies for breakfast and I'll eat you for dinner.
17. Which one of you is volunteering for the sacrifice?
18. Have many of your friends mysteriously disappeared this evening?
19. My skin is crawling...and it's coming to get you!
20. Must have brains! It's a shame yours are not available.
21. You are so frightening, I jumped out of my skin.
22. You are the only thing scarier than me.
23. It's nice to get out of the coffin every once in a while.
24. Be warned! At the stroke of midnight, I will turn into a human.
25. Trick or treat? Are you sure there aren't any other options?
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