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Walker Robot Legs

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It is about .96 grams per cubic centimeter.

My cad software does the weight calculations for me =)

Dont forget to consider bending of your parts. Carbon Fiber doesnt bend, while HDPE and aluminum might.

Bending really shouldn't be a issue, since the legs will be made out of boxes.

Anyway, thanks for the weight value.

That stuff really is light. From my calculations, all the HDPE I need, should weight about 4.3246848 oz. That's only 16.64 oz all together. Now I don't have to worry about the servos :p (~54 oz/in torque).

Do you think I should use 1/4in (or more) thickness, instead of the 3/18in? I really don't think it'll make much of a differnce, but it wouldn't hurt.

You probably want to use 1/4in for the legs, and go thinner as you work your way up the robot.

A lot depends on your design of course.

Dont forget to include battery weights!

As of right now, I'll probably just use a 3.5oz 7.2v Li-on battery pack (2400mAh). I still need to run the calcuations for power usage, but if it last for more then 30 minuets, I probably won't use more then 1 battery for now.

the design is basically just a bunch of 2x2x6 (LxWxH)in squares, with the servos pretty much directly connected to the joints.


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