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want a new robot tutorial?

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The draft is great! I think it's almost exactly what I was thinking about =)

Maybe a little more detail here and there would help, but by and large I think it's pretty complete
and very helpful!

Just a side question, for mounting DC motors, you recommended aluminium mounted on the plastic,
is there a reason not to just use plastic for that too?

Well, to get an L shaped bracket, you would need to bend the material 90 degrees. Although this is possible with thin sheets of plastic, aluminum is much stronger and more rigid.

You can however get a block of HDPE and cut it into an L shape. This robot I am working on now actually uses a U shaped peice of HDPE I am buying from mcmaster as my chassis and servo mounting bracket combined. If you search for HDPE on their site you can probably find it and see if its what you want.

I guess the main reason I perfer aluminum though is that this area of your robot will recieve higher forces, and if you arent confident it wont break, aluminum is the safer option.

While writing this last tutorial I got the idea of writing up another tutorial on calculating various forces, torque, velocity, and gearing of robots. Sound useful?

I think a tutorial on that topic would be really useful!

However, it might be a good idea to include all the math and all, but also provide a chart at the bottom or something,
that can be used as an easy reference. For example, if the robot is 10 lb, how much torque would be required (or
recommended) by the motors, stuff like that.. So that we can calculate the torque and gearing if we wanted, but there's
still a rough guideline that can be followed, and also to check that the calculations are right.

What about one on R/c control?

Well I have tons of experience with R/C using Hitec handheld controllers and servos. Ive made like 5 different servo operated R/C 'robots' and have also operated a microcontroller with an R/C remote. But I have never made my own R/C device, done wireless through a computer, IR remote operation, or done any other type of remote control with robots. I wouldnt trust my advice on it.

The Hitec controller method is really easy . . .
But I am guessing you want the latter method?


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