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My Advanced Realistic Humanoid Robot Project

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@cyberjeff - I fixed the link it 404'd because of the period at the end!

@cyberjeff - the realistic bones are done because the body's bone shapes have a distinct purpose.  They are designed amazingly for strength reasons and are superior to hinge joints.  They are curved in all directions and as we all know, a curve is the strongest shape in nature.  This makes them strong despite their light weight.  The design of the joints of the bones is amazing and powerful as well.  I'm staying as true to human body design as I can because the human body design is amazing and excellent.

As far as latex vs silicone, the verdict is silicone is superior in durability and quality.  It also has translucency like real skin.

About the twisted string muscles, I'm feeling there are some issues and complications with that such as control, feedback, the lack of documentation and support tutorials and articles, etc etc.  Servos are tried and true so they are my preference.

Flexible Mesh Exoskeleton Progress

My knowledge of physiology is weak.  The muscle structure of the human body is complex, it seems to me that there are for some joints so many degrees of motion possible and that some compromises will of necessity have to be made.

With that said, you seem to be moving along and more power to you.

I have done some casting with silicone, it is superior to latex in many ways and I assume that whatever has been done in latex, and that is extensive would also be doable in silicone. I meant that as encouragement...

As far as servos, my little project which has limited degrees of motion is up to 12 servos for the arms and legs, yours is considerably more involved. I await to see how all those servos will fit in!


Exoskeleton mesh building on arm!

Here's a little update on the project.  Finally got the hand bones joined and ready to rig!

Also, here's a link to the hand video where I demonstrate its range of motion:

Here's the clay sculpt of the rib cage for the robot.


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