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Author Topic: Opinion on new robots on market  (Read 1596 times)

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Opinion on new robots on market
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:53:53 PM »
Hello All,

I'm new to the group. I have heard a lot about this group and just wanted to check with some of the experts on new robotic products coming to market.

Recently a company from Taiwan- Innovati Robotics had sent me brochures and details of the products. Looks like couple of articles has been published on Robot Magazine as well.www.innovati.com.tw

I'm looking for new prodcuts to introduce to my after school students club. Innovati products seems to be interesting.. especailly for high school projects. The most attractive thing about their products was the modules that come with built in processor and can be used to make complex projects unlike the standard kits. The only concern is it is very new and I have not seen many using  them. So not sure. If anyone from this group have tried them or have some experiences, please share. It would be very helpful.

Also it would be nice to see an article about new products that come into market.. like a review .. so that people don't have to go through the pain of experimenting.



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