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Magazine for Robotics
« on: June 24, 2012, 12:18:25 AM »
I needed help to decide which magazine I should subscribe.I have knowledge of micro-controllers(worked with AVR MCU) and have also made some bots. I want a magazine which has advanced level info on robotics and electronics(new circuits and info of sensors etc). According to my survey I got the following options:

For ELECTRONICS: Circuit Cellar(I think is nice as I have read of it at many place ) , Silicon chip, Nuts and volts(also heard on some forum), and Electronics Today International (ETI) .

For pure ROBOTICS: Servo Magazine(as I have heard about it at many forums),Robot Magazine(seems to me equally nice but not heard of it much.but I found it cool!)

I want to subscribe 1 magazine from each.It would be very nice  if some one having knowledge could guide me.
Waiting for a reply,


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