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Title: Connection Mega 2560 to Sabertooh 25 A (packetized Serial)
Post by: wise318 on October 25, 2011, 03:42:33 AM
Hi , anyone  used sabertooth to control 2 motor with arduino 2560, I wonder how is the connection,

Am i right

This the photo attached , I have not done the wiring and checking with the society here :)

Power: 5v mega to 5 v sabertooth
Mega's Tx2 pin connects to the S1 of Sabertooth
Mega's RX2 pin connects to the S2 of Sabertooth
Mega's GND pin connects to the 0V of Sabertooth

 I intend to use position and speed control of 2 motors, I am not sure if it is possible with sabertooth, Is there possible to upload program to arduino and by pressing any switch the arduino send the progams to run the motor according to the program, Like autonomous. Please enlighten me and correct me if I am wrong.

This the datasheet provided but has no connection show on arduino (

Q2 do i need this breadboard, i had no idea the purpose for this,