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High friction wheels for a sumo bot

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I am working on a sumo robot and I am looking for high-enough friction 2 inch diameter wheels to be driven by two modified HS-485HB servos (83.3 oz inches at 6v).

The problem I have is that it is hard to compare various wheels I find on the internet and some can be very expensive! The one shown here is $20 per wheel and a little too large. I believe the kind of wheels I should use are hard foam, because of their high traction properties, but I don't really know that. These ones seem to fit what I need, but as they are advertised for aircraft, I am not really sure they would be suitable for a sumo bot.

So my questions are: What kind of material wheels should I be looking for? Does anyone have any recommendations for wheels for a robot like this? (regardless to any of my constraints) And, is there anything else I should know about this?

I have been dabbling in robotics for quite a while now, but I still feel very much like a newbie... Thank you all for your help!

Use the aircraft wheels - they seem to be good for your purpose.  The only challenge will be mounting them to the servo horns, and that's not particularly hard. 

Crunchy Theory:
From the look of the foam wheels, they might be very light. I suggest adding a significant amount of weight to your robot as that might make the most difference once you have a good amount of traction with the wheels.

But... You need to select your wheels (especially with foam wheels) after the weight of the 'bot.

Well, I ordered the wheels after rbtyping's reply and am still waiting for them to arrive. They will probably show up on Monday and then I will be able to see how well they should work, but my robot is still mostly in planning right now. The robot is allowed to weigh up to 2kg, so I should think that is heavy enough.

Soeron, considering a weight like that, do you think these wheels will suit me, or do you have another recommendation?



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