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IrDA transceiver MCP2155


Hello, recently I bought IRDA proto board which has MCP2155. I tried communicating between two microcontrollers (raspberry and stm32) via Irda. After properly connecting the pins specified in the datasheet, I tried to connect by simply checking the status of the DSR, DTR, CTS, RTS pins. But the DSR pin never went to the 1 (high) state. In the MCP2155 datasheet, it is stated that the device works only as a secondary device. What I understood from this sentence was that 2 mcp2155 could not initiate communication between them mutually. But it was run without such an obligation in the video on the forum. I guess mcp2120 is used in the video but I'm not sure?

Do you have any ideas?, thank you for your help.

Best regards.

--- Quote ---Following are some images of my IrDA compatible transmitter. The first image is my schematic using the MCP2120 IC:
--- End quote ---


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