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admin looking for new product ideas
« on: September 17, 2008, 11:35:13 AM »
After success with my Axon, I'm looking for new product ideas. I have a bunch, but none of them seem good enough or the market is too small.

So here is where I ask you guys for ideas. Is there any robot product you have always wished existed but doesn't? Or perhaps there is a product out there already, but needs a lot of improvement? Maybe a micro-sized motor driver or miniature Axon? Or maybe a cheap scanning sensor?

Send me an email with just one or two of your best ideas (in detail), and if I take your idea, I'll send you both prototypes and the final version for free.

(this topic is locked, send ideas directly to me with 'SoR Product Idea' as the subject line)

also, here are examples of *bad* product ideas:
'pls make open source free cheap microcontroller'
'a microcontroller with 1Ghz processor and easy to use AI'

You get the idea :P

edit: Got a few ideas in my email already. Quick edit, my product price range is from $75 to $300. I probably won't pursue any ideas out of that range.
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