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Title: [TUTORIAL] I2C 101
Post by: rgcustodio on June 10, 2007, 09:08:43 PM

I have a draft I2C tutorial in the member's page:

It includes several sample applications for a real time clock, a compass, a servo controller, and an I/O expander. These samples were tested with an ATmega8, and Procyon avrlib is required to build the code. The samples don't actually do much, but it shows how you can interface to a device. The servo controller test code is "more" usable. It has a simple user driven UI ("press this button to do this") that exercises the servo controller and the servo itself. The I/O expander sample is coupled with the servo controller sample. The sample adds commands to toggle the LED connected to port6 and port7 of the PCF8575.

Since its a draft there could be errors in the text. Kindly inform me of the error/s so that I can update the tutorial. General comments also welcome (ie formatting, too technical, too boring, too simple, too complex, code not commented, need schematics, need more pictures)

- Rommel