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Flow Chart help
« on: June 06, 2008, 11:53:51 AM »
I need some ideas on how to flow chart a system I am working on at work. We use DAD pro for radio station automation. The system has play lists that can call other play lists or audio cuts or command cuts. The only one I am worried about is the command cuts because the other stuff is someone elses job :). The way we have it setup is that some commands are called from PBK1 (the main play list). These commands call a series of other commands setup like modules. However some times PBK1 loads a play list into PBK7 and PBK7 calls command cuts seperatly from PBK1. This is where my issue comes. Because the system essentually does multitasking and has several modules that are sometimes 2 or 3 deep, I have no clue how to effectivly flow chart it. Right now we have partial flow charts for events that occur but nothing for the entire system. Oh and most of the command cuts are called based on a specific time.

Its been a nightmare trying to learn the code, debug the code (I didn't write), and modify the existing code to corespond with our new automation equipment.

Oh and some commands care called by internal interrupts fired by events such as a song ending. And it has several GPIOs it deals with for control and feedback from equipment. So yah any ideas on a flow chart would be great :)

Jonathan Bowen
CorSec Engineering


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