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Resistor-mod of HS-311
« on: June 08, 2011, 09:41:39 AM »

When I built the $50 robot (mega8 1Mhz), I resorted to the glue method to modify the servos, but I can't help wondering why the resistor method didn't work for me. I used this loop:
Code: [Select]

The problem is that I couldn't get the servos to stop, they would continue to drive around very slowly when using around 22-27 or 43 delay cycles depending on how the resistors were connected to the wires and the resistors' values. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Do you have any ideas why I couldn't make the servos stop?

I made a thread ( about this when I built the $50, but I failed to mention in that thread that I tried using different numbers of delay cycles and not only the hold_servo hex.
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