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Project Job Offer: Xbee Digital Port Control
« on: September 12, 2010, 04:51:27 PM »
I have a small job offer for those who are familiar with Xbees. I have all the hardware already. Contact me via email if you're interested and we'll negotiate price. USA people only please.

Basically, I need remote port switching on an Xbee. Remote pull any
Xbee port pin, to Digital High and Digital Low. You can do this using
the Remote API command, like was done in the attached file. I'd like
to have you switch on a remote Xbees pin high or low to turn on/off an
LED. Multiple LEDs on multiple ports.
One Xbee is the transmitter, and transmits a Remote API or Remote AT
packet to a receiving Xbee which configures a Pin HIGH or LOW. I have
4 Xbees to work with, as well as Xbee Explorer boards for easy
integration. The Explorer boards have an LED soldered on already so
you can see if your code works. I need code that works for each pin,
to turn each one either High or Low, and I'd like to have the code
written in proper form so it can work with multiple addresses and
multiple ports.
Code should be done in C or in Python.

Those interested, please email me as soon as possible: eric [aat] narobo [dott] com
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