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GTF ROBOTS Omni wheels
« on: March 01, 2017, 05:02:11 AM »
GTF ROBOTS has been in design, manufacture and supply of robotics and electronics since 2006. Production of robotic wheels is the main field of our company. Today we can supply the demand of many manufacturers, suppliers, students, and participants in the robotic competition for the robot wheels. We are main supplier of ?Omni Directional Wheel". There are highly qualified and committed staffs in the workshop and new facilities can solve lots of production needs.

Multi-directional ability powerful Aluminum body with high friction rubber to move straight, thin body in order to make it able to place easily in all kinds of robots without wasting space, Especially when Robot size is limited.
The assembly consists of a main wheel and traversal rollers.

Some of the advantages of this product are:
? Multi-directional ability
? no need to turn around
? saving time and energy
? able to circle arrangement with only 3 wheels
? 3 cyclic arrangements.

We make sizes between 50mm to 150mm with hole diameter of 4mm or 6mm with 4 Grades.
Our Omni directional wheels can be customized according to the customer order. We can change material or size of the Omni wheels and add bearing to the wheels.