Author Topic: Hello! Not really looking for anything, but a community!  (Read 1958 times)

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Hello! Not really looking for anything, but a community!
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:59:35 AM »
Looks like I signed up monthsyears ago (wow - nearly 7 years?!), but have never made a post.  Well, I sure as heck don't remember why I originally signed up, but I just searched through my email for "FIRST Robotics" as I'm trying to become an active volunteer for them again, but this website came up.  Isn't it funny when you search for something, and find an unexpected answer to something that's been bothering you?

Anyway, I'm Brian (though I guess my nickname here is Selroth), and I have experience with something I call "heavy robotics".  Think "heavy equipment" like construction vehicles, bulldozers and excavators, and now think of those things being under remote control.  Cool, huh?  I thought so too!  But, life has pulled me in a supposedly "better" direction, but... I miss my robots.  I feel like I've somehow worked myself out of my passion, and every moment I'm not in the field I fall behind twice as much.  So, rather than being involved professionally, I thought I would be more involved personally, as in, in my free time (or what little I have of it).  Hence why I was looking to volunteer again at FIRST events in my community, and thus the email search that brought me here.

And why not be here?  I love SMF (this forum software) - it's like a "classic" to me and I still use it on an online community of my own!  I love talking about robots and stuff, and want to do it more!  I'm so behind, and so incompetent in many fields I find so very interesting, and maybe by some stroke of luck I'll have some answers for others!  So, I'm going to turn on all the notifications/subscriptions I can, and try to be involved a bit more in THIS community, as well as my local makerspace and FIRST. 

Admin/Anyone "on staff": could you get in touch with me too?  I'd like to discuss getting a Discord chatroom going for you guys, as I think that'd be a major hit for a community like this!  That AJAX chatroom put me back in the 90s, and while I loved it there, I don't think it's attractive to our younger audience :)  (not to mention this SMF-default horrid captcha - good thing I know to always CTRL-C my post before submitting!)