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Title: modifying servo for 360 rotation
Post by: amandeep1 on April 19, 2010, 05:30:59 PM
Hey I am following this tutorial (

to modify my hitec 311 servo.

I am at the following part
First make sure the servohorn is removed from the output shaft. The servohorn attaches to the main output gear (the biggest gear), so removing it helps keep the gears from all falling out when you open the servo up. Also, use a microcontroller to command the servo to rotate to 0 degrees, the point between the maximum and minimum angle the servo can rotate to. You may also do this step by hand, although it might not be as exact.

Note, if you are making The $50 Robot (or at least using the ATmega8 microcontroller), download this .hex file and upload it to your ATmega8. You dont need to compile anything, as I already did that for you. This program will tell the microcontroller to send a signal at 1.5ms, the signal your servos need to hold at the zero position.

Since I am using Arduino, I cannot use the hex file. What is the Arduino code to set the servo to rotate to 0 degrees? Please help me.

Thank you very much