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Title: 2wheel inverted pendulum bandwidth
Post by: kover_ferenc on May 10, 2014, 05:42:07 AM
Hello guys, i am quite new here.

I am working on a 2wheel inverted pendulum project, ive already built the mathematical model with the quite accurate parameters. I would like to use gyro and accelerometer for tilt measurement (estimation), i already chosed the sensors, but i have to choose also the lowpass filter capacitor at the outputs, and for that i have to know the bandwidth of the pendulum.

My (could be silly) question is:
1: How can i calculate the bandwidth of my invpendulum by the use of the robot parameters? Or any other way?

Also i have another question block:
I want to simulate the behavior of the accelerometer in simulink. For that i already tried to set up the three-axis accelerometer block, but in three settings i am not sure:
 2a: Natural frequency, what should i put there? because in the datasheet of the sensor i did not find this (i am using ADXL103)
2b: here i want to cite first the document i used for mathematical model: (
- Shall i use for the "Ab" input the acceleration vector dd/dt [xb,yb,zb] or the vector dd/dt [xm,ym,zm]?
- is it OK if i use for the "omega"input the d/dt [0, psi, fi]?

Thank you very much for your help in advance.
Waiting for the replies.
Regards, Feri

Now i want to choose