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Need help with beacon detection problem
« on: September 17, 2010, 07:50:06 AM »
Hey all, I'm new to the world of electronics and robotics (starting a new hobby), and I need help solving something of an engineering problem.

I would like to construct a robot that can detect a signal and arrive at the location of the signal, e.g. I push a remote control and the robot comes to wherever I am in the house. The main focus of my problem is figuring out whether I can get the robot to detect a signal and pinpoint its location relative to the robot within 2 meters.

- The signal must be detected through/around solid objects
- The only aid to the robot is its home base, e.g. if you wanted more than one sensor location to detect the signal, you can only use the robot itself and home base
- The transmitter is permitted to continue transmitting until success or the robot decides it cannot reach the signal
- Preferably a signal not detectable by humans or pets
- The robot should be somewhat constrained in size, e.g. no bigger than a medium-sized trash can. Smaller is better.
- Terrain: indoors. This is a robot I will use around the house.
- No worries about how the robot gets there or bumping into obstacles; that's outside the scope of this problem.
- I have already worked with solutions such as having predefined paths and locations. That is also outside of the scope of this problem.

So can I get some help? I'd be happy to elaborate on any details. If this has already been discussed before somewhere out there, please give me links so that I can stop bothering this friendly community!

Thanks in advance!


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