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Pinhole camera with exposure time control
« on: June 22, 2011, 09:59:38 AM »
Iím trying to find a camera (or something with a camera) with a pinhole or rudimentary lens that allows some control of camera properties so I can test things for concept development.  The most important thing I want to control is shutter speed (exposure time), as motion blur is a concern and I want to test that.  Since I'm just testing a concept, I want something ready to use.

Iíve spent a lot of time searching the Internet and talking to vendors, and so far Iím not coming up with much.  Iím surprised there arenít some products out there, spy cameras, cellphones, whatever, that are designed to avoid motion blur.

Here is a more complete list of what Iím after:
- pinhole or very rudimentary lens (I donít want it to collect much more light than a pinhole camera would)
- digital image file output
- control over shutter speed
- control over other things like ISO speed, aperture, output resolution would be nice to have, but not necessary
- AOV on the order of 50 degrees
- able to focus on infinity (manual or fixed focus preferred)
- color preferred but not essential
- I really want still pictures, but a video camera would work, as I presume I could extract frames.
- The pixel resolution that I want is in the VGA to 1 Mpixel range, but this is not a key constraint.
- inexpensive

If there is such a camera without the control aspects but that had a fixed, fast exposure time (1/1000 sec or quicker), I would consider that if it were cheap enough.

Do you have any suggestions of where I could look for such a device?


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