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line follower made by pratheek
« on: December 26, 2011, 06:56:15 AM »
hi friends....
1)got to know where to connect the push buttons... now,regarding the connections....the push buttons have 4 pins(the place of their connection has 4 female headers i.e., PD2,PD3,PB2 n GND).SO in order to connect 3 push buttons,is it that,we need to short one side pins of each of push buttons and connect them to PD2,PD3 n PB2 respectively.... and again short the other side pins of the push buttons and connect all of them to the GND?

2)in the figure he has mentioned about the status LED n there r 3 pins for its connection.As far as my knowledge goes the LED has only 2 pins... so how to connect .

3)at the left bottom corner of the figure, there r 3 pins in triangular fashion.... what we should connect there.

4)And finally,u told to connect 2 resistors and a preset resistor(at the bottom 7 pins),if so...what r their values...n i have connected them in the following manner...
   a)i have the PRESET resistor ....connected to the left 3 holes (which looks as a mirror image of L)
   b)one resistor a have connected to other 2 holes (vertical) appearing just besides mirror imaged L
   c)the other resistor is connected horizontally in the next 2 horizontally appearing holes.....

are the connections right..... if not pls tell me how to connect!


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