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Camera module selection
« on: January 25, 2012, 06:27:03 PM »
Hi everyone! My university team is working on building a simple CubeSat (basically a tiny 10x10x10 cm satellite). We want our payload to be a small camera. The CubeSat will have a microcontroller and radio system to send image data to a ground station. I have microcontroller experience from robot projects I've done in the past, but I haven't worked with cameras and image processing at all, so if you guys could tell me if this camera I've linked below seems like a good choice that would be much appreciated.

It has built in image compression and command based interface, so hopefully it would work well for us, but I'm not sure:

Basically, I want the camera module to be very easy to use and do as much processing on its own as possible. And if anyone has any small camera modules they've used in robotics projects before that they particularly liked, please mention them. Thanks!


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