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Someone help identify this chip
« on: December 10, 2008, 05:58:03 PM »
Hi ,
I just opened up one of these - - and inside I found only one IC. There are a lot of regular thru-hole components - excluding the ton of surface mount resistors and capacitors on the underside. I'll make a post detailing hacking one of these devices soon.

On the chip it has an ST logo and next to the logo it is written EZB5510. Directly above EZB5510 it is written 324. The chip has a total of 14 pins and is surface mount

Chip looks like this

I               324   I
I  ST   EZB5510  I

I've searched the web to know what this part is , but just can't find it. Can someone help me out?
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Re: Someone help identify this chip
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