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Project ROVER is a new robotic platform being developed for law enforcement



ROVER is a small four wheeled robot equipped with a variety of sensors, devices and capabilities, including BLE tracking, real time camera viewing, RF Grid mapping, deployable bi directional amplifier and a dedicated cellular network. ROVER can be used for a variety of tasks such as search and rescue, patrol, evidence collection, disaster response and active shooter response. The ROVER is still under development, but it could be a valuable tool for law enforcement.

Here are some of the key benefits of using ROVER:

- Increased officer safety: ROVER can help improve officer safety by allowing officers to enter dangerous or hazardous environments without putting themselves at risk.

-Improved Situational Awareness: ROVER can help improve officers' situational awareness by providing officers with real time images of their environment. This can help officers identify potential threats and make better decisions.

-Increased Efficiency: ROVER can help increase officer efficiency by allowing officers to focus on other tasks, such as crime scene investigation or medical care.

-Long term cost effectiveness: While the initial investment in developing and implementing robots can be significant, they can provide long term cost savings. Robots can perform repetitive and routine tasks with high accuracy and consistency, reducing the need for human labor in such areas.

This technology offers unprecedented levels of benefit, value and efficiency. It not only enhances asset security and protection, but also optimizes resource allocation, streamlines operations and brings peace of mind to those who rely on a robust security infrastructure.

All in all, Project ROVER is a promising new technology that can improve the security and efficiency of law enforcement.

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